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Currently on display: The Art of the Book Collection (Throughout the Library), Shaped by Fiber(Lobby)
Communication Through Fiber Arts(Local History Room) Boundless (Craftsman Area
)Comic Books (Multimedia Area)

Main Street Lobby   The Local History Room




This impressive exhibit by Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists features fiber art that goes beyond two dimensional wall
hangings. The works shown in this exhibit include three dimensional forms, vessels, mounted fiber art, and hanging pieces. This stunning exhibit shows numerous ways that fibers can be sculpted to create spectacular pieces of art.

Throughout history the artist have taken fibers beyond the obvious to nonfunctional expression of signs Dimensional expression of form, color and texture of fiber further engages the senses of the viewer in a silent dialog with the artist and the art through visual and tactile interaction. This exhibit by Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists will be on display through the end of September.


The Craftsman Area
Multimedia Cases
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This exhibit by Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists features fiber art presented on a stretched canvas. Each artist was given an 18” x 36” stretched canvas to use as the base for their artwork. Fiber art pieces were prepared for the canvas and stretched around it or adhered to it. Sometimesthe artwork extends beyond the boundary of the canvas.

A colorful display of collectible comic books, from the private collection of Allen Montgomery, will be on display in the Multimedia Cases through the end of August.
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