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Main Street   The World Traditions Area
Exhibition: Dreamscapes by Oscar Rodriguez
  Art of the Book: The Book as Art
"Order Out of Chaos" Paintings by David Hylton  
The Art of the Book: California Book Artists
David Hylton's collection of abstract paintings fuses extemporaneous brushstrokes with intricately painted, metaphorical patterns. The interplay between these seemingly incongruous approaches provides the viewer with both the opportunity to navigate the paintings and to make new, personally charged associations. Hylton's artwork has been exhibited internationally, and he is a professor in the Department of Art at California Polytechnic University, California. On display through February 26.
See samples on display.
  This special collection was created to showcase books that are beautifully designed and produced, using both traditional and unusual techniques. The efforts of both student and professional contemporary book artists are included, and the scope is international. Individual works are on display throughout the Library on a rotating basis.
Local History Room  
African American Authors Display  
Books Signed by African American Authors
In honor of African American History Month, the Local History Room will showcase books signed by African-American Authors. The display will continue through the end of February.
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