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Main Street Lobby   The Local History Room
Korean Brush Art Exhibit
The Art of the Book Collection
Korean Brush Art  
The Art of the Book Collection
An exhibit of traditional Korean Brush Art Paintings by artist In Sook Kim is on display through December. Kim relies on memories of her early childhood and homeland to create traditional vibrant brush art paintings.
Click here to see samples on display.
  This special collection was created to showcase books that are beautifully designed and produced, using both traditional and unusual techniques. The efforts of both student and professional contemporary book artists are included, and the scope is international. Individual works are on display throughout the Library on a rotating basis.
The Multimedia Area
The World Traditions Area
Stan Lee   Only the Oaks Remain
'80s Playdate Display
White House Holiday Ornaments
Popular toys and action figures from the '80s, including a Game Boy, Cabbage Patch Doll, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and My Pretty Pony, are featured in the Multimedia Area. The toys are from the collections of Cerritos Library staff members.
Featured in the World Traditions area is a display of The White House Holiday Ornaments donated to the Friends of the Library by Don Knabe, former Los Angeles County Supervisor and Mayor of Cerritos.
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