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B r u c e  E v e r e t t:  L a s  V i r g e n e s  V a l l e y

About the Artist

Born in 1942, in Los Angeles, California, Bruce Everett lives and works in San Luis Obispo. His technical mastery became evident at an early age. Upon visiting the Chicago Library as a young boy, he saw a mural size painting that inspired him to follow a career in art. This Library connection makes the Cerritos painting a very personal and meaningful statement. Everett studied painting at the University of Iowa and University of California, Santa Barbara, graduating with a Master of Fine Arts in 1968. Although he was trained as an abstract painter, he later became interested in portraying the landscape in a realistic manner. The Cerritos painting combines abstraction and realism through aspects of textured brushwork and through the contrast of shadow and light. Everett uses a personal geometric structure to compose this precisely accurate and highly resolved image.

Photo: Bruce Everett

Oil on canvas. 156”x120”

Las Virgenes Valley, 2001

Las Virgenes Valley by artist Bruce Everett was commissioned specifically for its site in the Cerritos Library’s craftsman area. In this work, Everett captures the sensibility of a California scene painting.

Everett works in natural settings, but also takes his camera and photographs the landscape. In the studio, he develops his composition by juxtaposing landscape and cloud formations until he is satisfied with the result. He then projects the final image onto the canvas and draws a simplified outline from which he begins to paint.

Location: Craftsman Area


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