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P e t e r   H o p k i n s:  I n  C a p i t a l  P r o j e c t:  C o v e r e d  S i t e  (LI#1)

About the Artist

Born in 1955, in Framingham, Massachusetts, Peter Hopkins works in Brooklyn and lives in Connecticut. He received his Master of Fine Arts in 1982 from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1978. He has shown throughout Europe since the mid 1980s, including exhibitions in Paris, Cologne, Vienna, Geneva, and Amsterdam. In 1992, he was represented at Documenta IX, in Kassel Germany, and in the 44th Corcoran Biennial, 1995, Washington D.C

Photo: Peter Hopkins

Mixed Media: holographic foil and resin 60 inches by 60 inches

Capital Project: Covered Site (LI#1)

Peter Hopkins uses mixed media to create images which emphasize the sensual and tactile. He also incorporates stained glass and other contemporary surfaces within his work.

These paintings are made without paint or brush. They are constructed of materials such as holographic foils, glittery fabrics, household cleaning liquids, cosmetics, surgical dyes and recycled rubbish.

Location: Lobby Elevator Second Floor