F I R S T   L A D I E S   C O L L E C T I O N


First Ladies’ Gallery
This official site of the First Ladies of the United States is part of Whitehouse.gov website.
Includes portraits, quotes and information about each First Lady as well as links to their husbands.

First Ladies National Historic Site
This extensive site is a national archive that includes portraits, articles, manuscripts collections,
books as well as multimedia sources about each First Lady. It does link up to the Whitehouse website for information on each First Lady.

By Popular Demand: Portraits of the Presidents and First Ladies
The Library of Congress has collected portraits of the Presidents and most of the First Ladies.

Presidential Libraries
The Presidential Library system formally began in 1939, when President Franklin Roosevelt donated his personal and Presidential papers to the Federal Government. Thus the first Presidential Library was born. This site, maintained by the National Archives & Records, gives information and web pages of each Presidential Library. Previous to President Roosevelt, Presidential papers were given to the Library of Congress

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