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Children's Short Story and Art Contests

Download the Winner’s List PDF

Read poetry themed on: “Memories ” by
Lisa Anujarerat | Erica Garcia | Stephanie Hanamoto | Leylia Hong | Dorothy Lu | Karishma Muthukamar | Brian Reyes
Read short stories themed on: “Survival ” by
Erica Garcia | Jason Jewik | Sara Lopez | Ananya Raghavan | Bala Thenappan | Leslie-Ann Yang

Click an image to view photography themed on "Magic of the Sun"
and art themed on "Art/Architecture of Cerritos"and learn about the artists.
Artwork appears as displayed from left to right.

artwork thumbnails
The Library owes the success of the contests
to the talented teens in our community, the supportive parents, teachers, principals, and most of all the Friends
of the Cerritos Library. All of you deserve a very big hand.
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