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Art Deco

Here Comes the Bride
Books, CD’s and online resources to help plan a wedding

Historical 20th Century Fiction
Historical Fiction set in 20th Century United States. The list is divided into time periods.

Imaginary India
Fiction books about India

Learning a New Life
Novels and Short Stories about Immigrants in the United States

Love in the Classic Style
Recommended romance fiction from various time periods

Mysteries With Gastronomic Flair
Features mysteries with gastronomic flair and includes dessert recipe books.

Old Age
Selected fiction titles with older characters

Safe Passage
Selected fiction titles with a journey theme

Tales of Terror
Horror fiction for those who aren’t scared by what goes bump in the night.

A Thousand Cranes
A collection of Japanese and Chinese books

Want Your Own Small Business
Books to make your small business venture go more smoothly

Works by Steinbeck


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