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BOOKLISTS: Safe Passage - Selected Fiction Titles with Journey Themes

Arthur Dent, a contemporary Englishman, discovers that his unpretentious house is about to be demolished to make way for a bypass. He also hears that a good friend is actually an alien galactic hitchhiker who announces that Earth itself will make way for an intergalatic speedway. A suitably bewildered Dent soon finds himself hitching rides throughout space, aided by a reference book, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. SCIENCE FICTION/ADAMS/DOU

Conrad, Joseph. HEART OF DARKNESS. 1983
Narrator Marlowe tells his friends of an experience in the Congo, where he once ran a river steamer for a trading company. His journey took him into the jungle in search of Kurtz, and found the darkness of the human soul. First published in serial form in 1899. FICTION/CONRAD/JOS

Forster, E.M. A ROOM WITH A VIEW. 1999
First published in 1908, this is one of E. M. Forster's earliest and most celebrated works. It explores love among a cast of eccentric characters gathered in an Italian pension and in a corner of Surrey, England. Caught up in a world of social snobbery, Lucy Honeychurch is forced to choose between convention and passion, and thereby determine her future. FICTION/FORSTER/E.M.

Galbraith, Douglas. THE RISING SUN. 2001
In 1698, five vessels led by the flagship Rising Sun embarked on a perilous voyage to the northern coast of what is now Panama, where the 2,000 homesteaders from Scotland intended to establish a settlement. This is the story of their mission to build an overseas colony that could rival that of England. FICTION/GALBRAIT/DOU

Golding, William. CLOSE QUARTERS. 1987
A tale of the tragic misadventures that befall an 18th-century fighting ship now converted to transporting cargo and passengers on the treacherous voyage from England to Australia. A sequel to Rites of Passage. FICTION/GOLDING/WIL

Greene, Graham. TRAVELS WITH MY AUNT. 1969
The plot is exuberantly melodramatic and has to do with a stuffy, middle-aged, retired London banker who is taken in hand by his lively Aunt Augusta. She whirls him away to a life of crime and great good fun that takes him from Turkey to Paraguay and involves a wild cast of characters. FICTION/GREENE/GRA

Homer. THE ODYSSEY. 1996
The Odyssey recounts the wanderings of Odysseus after the Trojan War and his final homecoming to Ithaca, where he finds his wife Penelope still faithful to him. Dating back to circa 8th to 7th centuries BC, it is a fantastical adventure story with a comic tone and a happy ending, and one of the greatest poems of the oral tradition. NON FICTION PA 4025/A5/F5 non-circulating Folio Society copy

Kerouac, Jack. ON THE ROAD. 1976
This semi-autobiographical novel describes the wanderings across America, casual friendships, labors and affairs of Sal Paradise, a young writer, and his friend and hero, Dean Moriarty. FICTION/KEROUAC/JAC

Miller, Alex. CONDITIONS OF FAITH. 2000
Australian author Alex Miller supposedly based this novel on his mother's journal written in Australia, France and Tunisia in the 1920s. Through the story of beautiful, headstrong Emily Stanton we learn more about feminism at the beginning of the 20th century. She is determined to live a fulfilling life despite smothering social conventions. When her husband decides to return to Australia, she has to make a painful decision. FICTION/MILLER/ALE

A New England boy stows away on a whaler, surviving mutiny, savagery, cannibalism and wild pursuit. At the end of the story, first published in 1838, the hero drifts toward the South Pole in a canoe; before him, out of the mist, rises a great white figure. FICTION/POE/EDG

Raphael, Frederic. COAST TO COAST. 1999
A retired sitcom writer and his wife are driving from New England to Los Angeles to attend their son's wedding, give him their vintage Jaguar, and then go their separate ways. They pick at each other's weaknesses and betrayals with an edginess that is cruel but also humorous. British author Raphael is an Oscar-nominated screenwriter who also wrote the screenplay for Stanley Kubrick's movie Eyes Wide Shut. FICTION/RAPHAEL/FRE

Swift, Jonathan. GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. 1991
In this account of his extraordinary travels to four imaginary countries, Swift satirizes contemporary manners and morals, art and politics from four different points of view. Once visited, the Brobdingnagians and Lilliputians are impossible to forget. First published in 1726. FICTION/SWIFT/JON

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Huck escapes from the lonely cabin where his drunken, brutal father had imprisoned him. On Jackson's Island he meets Jim, a runaway slave, and together they float down the Mississippi River into the heart of slave country, and a voyage of discovery. This Mark Twain classic was completed in 1883. FICTION/CLEMENS/SAM

Phileas Fogg undertakes his whirlwind world tour as a result of a bet made at his London club. Fogg and his valet, Passepartout, overcome some quite fantastic adventures through their endless inventiveness. The first English translation of this work was published in 1873. FICTION/VERNE/JUL

Virgil. THE AENEID. 1992
After the Trojan War, Aeneas begins a voyage to Italy to become the founder of a nation and a race. His travels take him to Carthage, where he discovers and falls in love with Queen Dido. For love of him and his great quest, Dido shuns him and commits suicide. This great work dates back to the 19th century BC. NON FICTION PA 6807/A5/F53

Wheeler, Kate. WHEN MOUNTAINS WALKED. 2000
This acclaimed travel writer, short story writer and now also novelist specializes in tales about Americans caught up in foreign cultures. This follow-up to her story collection Not Where I Started From weaves together two parallel love affairs that take place in the past and the present in remote places: the Indian desert and the mountains and valleys of Peru. As her grandmother before her, the protagonist Maggie must make a choice that will determine the course of the rest of her life. FICTION/WHEELER/KAT

Woolf, Virginia. THE VOYAGE OUT. 2000
First published in 1915, Virginia Woolf's haunting first novel follows a young woman, Rachel Vinrace, who falls in love with an aspiring writer on a sea voyage to South America. FICTION/WOOLF/VIR

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